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Pedigree of Am.Can.Ch. Karohonta Skymaster R.O.M.

Wolf Sable and White, Male, 25" and 85# 

Multiple Group Winner

Bred  by  Candee "Montheard" Haggard and owned by Terry Sewell and George and Tina Myers



       Ch. Uyak Buffalo Bill R.O.M.


Ch. T'Domars Kulak


Ch. T'Domars Voodoo King R.O.M.

T'Domars Taboo


Ch. Karohonta Conestoga

Ch. Kodaras Kodiak Teddi

Ch. Kodaras Koona  Karohonta


Ch. Karohonta Voodoo Flame


Ch. T'Domars Voodoo King ROM


Ch. Spawns Kulak

Ch. Husky-Pak Gazelle

Ch. Karohonta Ta-Lo-Wah

Ch. Kodaras Kodiak Teddi

Ch. Kodaras Koona Karohonta